What Is The LGR Experience?

We are the “Help Others” of the “Self Help” Industry. As humans we are wired to help others in time of need and crisis. What about the rest of the time? As a family-operated business, we believe strongly in living and preserving the age-old virtues associated with treating others with kindness and respect. In the midst of a booming self-help industry, we have identified a crucial missing piece: a paradox of sorts that contradicts the focus of looking inward to improve one’s self. We contend that the key to personal and professional success and happiness lies in looking outward to others.

We have also learned that the secret to this paradigm change lies in consistency. That is why we have created a curriculum that we deliver to readers in the form of Daily Lessons. Each lesson includes a concept that relates to living the Golden Rule, a question or two to help the reader internalize what they read, and a challenge to put the concept into practice that day. This pattern, repeated consistently over time, begins to create a lasting effect within the participant. They begin to see people around them through different eyes. Living the Golden Rule soon becomes a habit, and then evolves into a core part of their character.

It becomes what we call

The LGR Experience!


Small Bite Size Learning


We supply focused, bite-sized pieces of information to our participants (they usually only take 3-5 minutes, and are readily accessible on their phones and mobile devices) that they can quickly interact with and then think about all day.

The Power of DAILY

Real change happens on a daily basis

Along with micro-learning is consistent exposure. The LGR Experience happens on a daily basis to provide motivation and refocus for our participants.

“We become more excellent by doing great things over and over again, until they become the very fabric we are made of.”


Learn by Doing

We include challenges each day for our participants to do something specific related to what they learn in the lesson—to try it out and learn for themselves that it works, and to begin to form habits.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”


When written down in your own words it becomes part of you

Participants are encouraged each day to capture in the LGR Journal what they are learning and what experiences they are having as they put the LGR values into practice. This helps each participant be accountable to themselves.

“Every great thinker has kept a journal”

-Trenton Lee Stewart


An Opportunity to Coach your Team Effectively

Life’s Golden Rule is designed to cause the individual to reflect on the lessons, challenge them to implement into their daily activities and to report back what they have learned. Managers will have access to this information, enabling them to teach and inspire their team members tailored to their individual needs. This access provides fantastic coaching opportunities.

Time Tested Lesson

Learn from the great thinkers of all times

We firmly believe that most people want to build meaningful relationships and to have amazing interactions with others. There are so many who have simply never been taught, or who become so busy and distracted that they forget.

Can LGR Change Your Company’s Culture?

“The lessons gave my team such a boost every single day. It was easy for me to see who participated in the program and who didn’t. The questions my team answered gave me a very interesting insight to the things I needed to know to help each individual grow into the team member we needed to be a very successful store. We topped the charts in just a short 4 weeks.”
Business Manager
“I like that every day I get a reminder so it set me up to be positive for the day. Not only does it help at work but with everyday interactions. It takes 28 days to form a habit and I’m well on my way because of this. Have really enjoyed it.”
Teams Member (User)

Tell Me More About LGR

Investment or Expense

Training Cost Too Much!

Will They Use It?

If your greatest resource is your people (and who wouldn’t agree with that?), then it only makes sense that your biggest investment should be in your people.

Many people argue, teach, and believe that there are “improvements” in your life, and that “success” comes from focusing on oneself. We have found that to be quite wrong, to an extent. It is one of life’s paradoxes, that when we focus on others, and on outward kindness, that is when true “success” and “growth” begin to occur within ourselves. You, your team, and all those who you associate with, be it business or personal, have lived this and are experiencing the positive, amazing effects.

Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.
Angela Ahrendts

Average Sales Increase 30%
This Program is so cost effective you can train the whole company for about the same cost as sending one manager to a training seminar.
This training program is designed to include everyone in your company in fact it works best when everyone participates. Synergy of every team member reading the same lesson each day is so powerful. How often does your customer service suffer because your “go to” person is already busy with someone else? This program makes everyone your “go to” ace!
Each member of your team is $10.00 per month. Each Manager is $25.00 per month. For about the same cost as a motivational book for each employee you will get all the features this program has to offer. The cost of training is now affordable for everyone on your team. This is a training for LIFE. It really changes lives!
Workplace Learning, “Informal Learning” is 70%
Research shows that most Training Programs just do not have “Staying Power”. The employee does not have an opportunity to practice what they have learned. When the employee comes back from the training the biggest question is, “What do I do now?” Lack of Follow up. Lack of Feedback.
Source Wall Street Journal
You get to choose the incentive program you think will work best for your team. We strongly suggest that you have a weekly or monthly incentive for those who participate in the Daily Lesson. this can be a cash card or a in-store credit. You as a manager or owner can choose what works best for you.

“Significant learning occurs as the result of getting the group to reflect. And significant reflection occurs as the result of good question and debate.”
Leading with Questions, Michael Marquardt

Average Participation 54%

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