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Randy has been with LGR for the past 5 years. He has contributed to the writing of Daily Lessons, Helped architect the LGR process and now holds the position of Special Projects Manager.


Today's LGR Daily Lesson Challenge for the week: How do you think visiting someone who is suffering can show compassion? A reader's comment: Showing compassion will give support and comfort to others. By visiting someone you are proof of that support. Sometimes that's all they need is just a little support.

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Lesson Topic: Persistence Question: This week's challenge is to be persistent and keep trying in your efforts to help other people. What experiences have you had so far? Leave your comments here. Answer: I think it's hard to balance between who wants help, and who doesn't, who is still helpable, and who is not, but I guess [...]

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Building the culture of your organization requires constant training, but without feedback from your team members you can never know how effective the training is.  The LGR experience provides an amazing tool (LGR App) to gather this type of  insight. Here are some examples of unedited feedback from individuals participating in the LGR experience: Question: Please share your experiences [...]

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LGR Daily Lesson Comment

I really liked learning about the Greek word for hospitality (to love a stranger as a friend). I feel that our culture doesn't always have that concept down (some people are masters at it, though!). I have lived in places where individuals will treat strangers as family, not just a friend. It always amazed me [...]

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LGR Daily Lesson comment

Here is a comment left by one of our users during the week of Hospitality. It's was a good week. I feel that in general, hospitality is a trait that's already ingrained in me. To treat others with kindness and as if they are good friends seems natural. Face it, on the other hand, the [...]

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LGR Daily Lesson titled Haven Maker

This past week the topic of our Daily Lessons was hospitality. We issues a challenge to practice hospitality then asked for any experiences. Here is a comment response we received from on of our LGR App users. There's the physical sense and then there's the spiritual/emotional sense. When I think of a haven maker I think of [...]

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Heber Valley Chamber

Watch Annie Bradley, founder of Life's Golden Rule, talk about our innovative program that keeps the focus on Empathy in the Customer Experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhQ9Wcvg534 This was filmed at the Heber Valley Chamber meeting in Aug. 2015

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